Smart Slither Game

Description : Play Smart Slither, a free online skill game provided by  five nights at freddy’s 5Smart Slither is a fun gamethat can be played on any device.

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Penguin diner 2


Description : Play Penguin diner 2 on  five nights at freddy’s  ! Help Penny run the diner in her continued Antarctic adventure. Penguin diner 2 is totally free and requires no registration!

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Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi

Description : Crazy Taxi is a simple but funny driving game. Your mission is to drive a taxi using the maximum possible speed. Use arrow keys to accelerate and dodge other cars. Use spacebar to jump over them. Click   Five Nights At Freddy’s  play more games

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Sunset Racing game


Description : Sunset Racing is a cool relaxing racing game by  Five Nights At Freddy’s . Lay back and free your mind driving you awesome looking sportscar through the tracks trying …

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Ufo Run Game


Description : Get the green alien to his spaceship in this fast-paced, side-scrolling distance game by Silvergames. To play Ufo Run just tap on your mobile screen to make … Click   five nights at freddy’s 5  to play more games

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Little Fox game

Little Fox game

Description :  The Little Fox is a very challenging, highly addicting, action adventure game that puts you in the paws of the little fox as you travel between planets, collecting … Click  five nights at freddy’s 5 to play more games

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Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6

Description : Play Cubikill 6! Rick works for the same company for years now and has to tolerate his idiot co-worker DaveClick  five nights at freddy’s 5  to play more games

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Springtrap’s Rampage


Description : Springtrap’s Rampage – playing a role of the robot try to escape from the casino guarded by armed bodyguards. Click  five nights at freddy’s 5  to play more games

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Flying Freddy


Description : Explore Flying Freddy now and help him perform his flight. This is one of the most interesting game at  five nights at freddy’s 5

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Freddy’s Tantrum


Description : Freddy’s Fazebar Pizza is going to be shut down? Let’s find out what happened in there with  Five Nights At Freddy’s …

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ZombiU- rival horror game Five Nights at Freddy's prepared to shelves

Titles for Wii U zombiU will probably be reissued on PS4, Xbox A person and Personal computer beneath the title shortened: Zombi.
Unveiled in late 2012, activity ZombiU is now the to begin with games obtainable with regards to the Wii U. In the ultimate time there happen to be a great deal of stories that Ubisoft goes be capable of Take pleasure in to the PS4, Xbox Anyone, Computer and recreation agency at present has verified this getting accurate – ZombiU activity will probably be reissued under the title Zombi shortened. five nights at freddy's
The First title might be a reference towards the sport’s to begin with Ubisoft, termed Zombi, was produced in 1986. Although there isn't any real link amid these movie online games, besides the existence during the undead .

ZombiU match established in the town of London- Britain in 2012 each and every time a mysterious epidemic outbreak turns virtually all men and women into bloodthirsty undead species. Contributors will need to maintain to your clues scattered all in the metropolis in order to uncover an antidote and journey towards your tower of London right before reluctantly “joined the” Military of zombies.

five nights at freddy's
As you can see within the sport are successfully Zombi recreation titles launched on Nintendo Wii U in but, but below a Particular title and it really is not supported by a singular handle. Formerly, individuals will make use of the gamepad display on resources to manage the ark map and all operations are taking place in real time, meaning that gamers can be attacked straight away zombie hordes though lay hoay taken sure products and solutions in the sport. This factor is A big contributor Within the development of sport encounter Zombi U. horror
The strain was also multiplying the sport ZombiU not allow it to be feasible for recreation figures to existence. Just flooded Zombie attack just once, avid gamers would've perished and Later on making the most of a completely new character. The game’s replay value ZombiU hence even be bigger. ZombiU gameplay areas centered on survival as an alternative to act since the individuals must envisage to accumulate significant objects for survival, Typically dodging zombies instead of be constantly as quite a few titles shootings rambo Other ZombiU Activity.
Even so It'll be difficult for technological innovation organizations Ubisoft can Express integrity which have to players on Xbox Just one or Computer by deficiency equipment like Wii gamepad. PS4 circumstance PSVita can use to change the DualShock hand but clearly not Anyone possesses both equally of People these video clip game equipment. In The brand new trailer made viewers haven't found distinct Zombi gameplay will change out.

Though there materialize to get some concerns with the repetition and blocking but ZombiU Activity is usually a survival horror quite rather, with employing permadeath thrilling, its London environment, as well as some really tense piece set .
But it surely genuinely has manufactured significant use of the gamepad, to the point that appears each of the way down to the warehousing and adventurous zombies not Track down on Television.
Rumors of the Xbox Just one and PlayStation four Version in the sport ZombiU was circulating For a very long  time, but now appears to be definitive proof that it actually more than the road.
The listing was identified by contributors lifelower Twitter, with the sport employing artwork much like Wii U. Variation
So, Virtually nothing makes certain achievements Zombi would actually like. But luckily we failed to want to carry out lengthy for an answer when Zombi estimate introduced on eighteen/eight to.

Vietnamese Nosgoth makes gamers more excited Five Nights at Freddy’s

Nosgoth’s on the web match delivers with each other motion and component-blocking mechanisms MOBA four vs four. Players will select certainly one of two factions that people today and vampires with really distinctive strengths.
On the internet online video games horror motion online video recreation is astonishingly critical Nosgoth shut beta has opened Vietnam and gamers wound up able to sign-up an account and down load Using the homepage:
With the advantage of a free of charge online recreation isn't really intending to lock the IP and possess rather pleasing recreation to match captivated several avid players is form of understandable.

Nosgoth gameplay consider the crew match, Should the vampires have mechanisms melee assault, although men and women could well be on account of extended-array weapons to perform the endeavor.
Not long ago on-line roleplaying sport free of charge motion match Nosgoth formally analyzed the English Variation in the course of the North American sector. Right before that, the sport also has opened Alpha Take a look at in Europe with a variety of languages. Usually, Vietnamese players Every and every Legacy of Kain sequence favourite or who come to sense intrigued Vampire clan now has the prospect to engage in trials Nosgoth match.
If at any time research Nosgoth match, everybody knows this on the net match is a mixture of motion and section-combating mechanisms MOBA four vs four. five nights at freddy's download

five nights at freddy's
Phe humanity such as class are: Hunter, Scout, Alchemist, Prophet and also the Clan Vampire faction have: Reaver, Tyrant, Sentinel, deceiver … Each character class possesses unique expertise and part many in wrestle, which make the Activity wonderful.
The category character of human race are able to attacking from afar using a weapon, possession of a certain advantage for the methods of “strike and run”. If the Clan Vampire back again once again Nearly to melee Despite the fact that using its claws to attack. However, the Clan Vampire manufactured quite a few Exclusive traits By way of example climbing partitions, and perhaps plane to achieve targets. Aside from, The class character around the Clan Vampire Usually tolerant country moves much more than human component.

Obtaining mentioned that First of all, the  choice is rather restricted, only selected Human faction Alchemist Hunter and Vampires are the Reaver moreover the Tyrant. Gamers will have to “draft” degree and acquire earnings throughout the battles to unlock one other classes together with purchase all sorts of skins for the people today: “Right now you will discover four vital program and four class get there at stage twenty is locked up you unlock are all program. Pretty much each and every course will probably be out there any time you open up the talent / crucial weapons. So won't squander money to get course “.
Certainly the working knowledge won't be at the same time difficult to have the chance to “weeding” rookie crew “game Nosgoth considerable distinction between reduced total and substantial stage. Most avid gamers will merely be fed prolonged Govt starter simply because they Use a broader idea of the sport, understand how to operate together with one another, to grasp Each and every corner within your map, and understand how to include competencies / weapons or use one dodge assault to dodge bullets most Electronic way. Very best when in an effort to Accomplish, you ought to seem to be with the tutorial and Take part in Within the foyer of newcomers to master the ideal just one. Here is the 1st video game and KDA identifiable sizeable teamwork is just one element. “

The Town of Light- adventure no less frightening horror Five Nights at Freddy’s

The Town of Light once again using the context of asylum as a base for the screen to scare her, though locations in the game are real entirely outside life. This game is described by its developers as a psychological thriller spook the players, but you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s not a horror game set in a jump scare old hospital squeaky.

The town deserted, haunted house, ancient castles … We can say most often seen in the context of the horror genre to date have all been re-used many times in the game and it is difficult to make fans of the genre veteran feel scared anymore. Yet if that location is based on a true story, at least game also makes players feel curious to learn. And indeed, this game had several interesting features for you to explore.
The Town of Light is set in a virtual recreation of the real-life refugees Italy Volterra, which closed in 1970 after its practice has been labeled evil. five nights at freddy’s
The Town of Light is one such game.
five nights at freddy's
Currently, this attractive game are waiting for the green light on Steam Greenlight tells the story of the madhouse built in 1940 in the town of Volterra Tuscany area of ​​Italy. Historically this is the basis of psychiatric treatment biggest ever existed in Italy when the country had time, the number of patients up to 5,000 patients simultaneously. However, the reason it’s closing is still subject of controversy and ambiguity of information during the operation led many people to suspect that there are many problems behind the asylum camp Volterra than a ordinary hospital. This is also a major factor leading to future events. All is revealed only when you started to learn.

The goal of the development team making games The Town of Light were: “Reenactment what the patient in the psychiatric ward in the old had to undergo – horrors both soul and body that they suffered at the nominal offering treating patients. However the fact there are many mystery unexpected “. Renee- protagonists together with the players, to remember what had happened to her while she was in the madhouse. She resurrected her traumatic past when she discovered the rusting relics Volterra. When you do this, you interact with the environment, and at some point with the others.

“Based on actual surveys in places now abandoned and the patient revealed from the lucky survivors, doctors worked at the asylum Volterra, experience the game The Town of Light will bring close to reality as possible. “- The team confirmed.
In addition to content, game ũng attractive people about graphics and sound. Graphic design is exclusive and novel. Players will witness scenes like real life in order to create a more realistic feeling. Sounds get together quite harmonious and reasonable. And of course, indispensable elements are sound decision macabre.
The Town of Light is expected to launch in the autumn of this year if the process through Steam Greenlight ended smoothly.

Five Nights BioShock pass at Freddy’s become the best game of all time

Game Bioshock is one of the highest rated games in the upcoming decades iOS version for iPhone and iPad device.
Game video game BioShock is the first shooting was praised many of the plot as well as the interface. Its original version was developed by Irrational Games and designed by Ken Levineduoc released in 2007 in North America, followed by Europe and Australia.

The game is set in the fictional history of the 1960s in the city Rapture- where players will be immersive and fight for survival. Game BioShock received many positive reviews about the plot, setting the context of the role and convey the moral philosophy.
Players will play one person survived the accident aircraft crashed into the sea named Jack, who tries to survive in a city called Rapture was built under the sea to succumb to the sudden became crazy addictive substance that can give them an extraordinary power when replacing genes. Of course, you also use this quality to survive, as well as special abilities.

Come to the game BioShock, the spectacle barely make gamers too scared or right edge of your seat constantly. However, this game still has two very remarkable scenes, brings creepy feeling in the game. The first is to push the bike scene Splicer baby, lullaby tunes with hauntingly, scary and on her hand was a pistol. The scene will not shocking is how if she does not constantly thoắt hidden escape and gamers do not see the shadow on the floor, and then the shape hanging upside down on the ceiling. five nights at freddy’s
Scene 2 is still the story when players are away suddenly looked back and saw a scary face was on the back from time to time. If the gamer concentrating forward but forgotten behind, it will be one of those moments that you have all souls.

five nights at freddy's
BioShock mobile game has been revised a bit to make sure that the graphics platform can manage the game and if the game is decided to play with the touch screen, it’s still interesting.
BioShock game for iOS is a miniature version of game titles directly from a first person shooter ever causing storms on Windows and Xbox 360 Mincrosoft from 7 years ago.

As for the graphics, game BioShock will be reduced down to ensure that capacity can run smoothly on the hard drive only up to 2GB capacity Apple. Ie fog and shadows move in the game was deleting. Game includes driver support systems Bluetooth and has an outer liner to adjust the touch.
In action, the game is quite similar to the original BioShock, especially when played on iPad with a control panel. Gamers will quickly forget the feeling that you’re playing on a tablet.
With the touch panel, the game BioShock can not necessarily the same as the original version, there was a bit frustrated during the game experience of making it difficult to control the characters move, aim and shoot or slide across lanes Forum flew. To compensate for this shortcoming, the developers have increased the ability to shoot up a little sightseeing.

Slender: The Arrival causing no different obsessive Five Nights at Freddy’s

Horror game Slender: The Arrival is the remake of the horror indie game Slender: The Eight Pages capital attracted plenty of attention because of the feeling of “choking” the game brings. But the game is still blamed on too coarse texture makes the nature of fear is reduced significantly, and also for this reason that the manufacturer Parsec Studio has partnered with the Blue Isle to bring Slender Man back with a completely new appearance and attractive. This edition promises to bring players many pleasant surprises.

Core elements of a thriller located in th game triggers fear for gamers, and this time we will meet again Slender Man character again in game Slender: The Arrival. Slender Man is a mysterious creature has appeared in the culture and Western mythology for so long. The main character will take you away from this fear that other paint. With the shape of a tall creature with many tentacles spent last long as his face had no eyes, nose, mouth … now Slender Man has become one of the famous and creepypasta most searched on the internet.

Gamers will still hunted by Slender Man as the name suggests and you also saw him in the trailer, but besides that seems game Slender: The Arrival will be adding more enemies with the arrival of a hooded man wearing a hat. The figures flee Slender Man already pretty hard, and if players have to deal with more added all the raw character gameplay will be affected as well as how to change? Let’s wait and see. Five nights at Freddy’s

five nights at freddy's
The world of The Arrival was no longer confined to a dark forest that extended more greatly, from homes to the mines wild, sunlit hillside. Every place has different tasks to perform Lauren, corresponding to five chapters. The familiar flashlight head is one of the first things you get, as well as food, “weapon” most credible when wandering in gloomy darkness. There are two lighting modes to choose from: illumination across a wide area around but the reach is narrow and vice versa.
Graphics in the game are improved compared with The Eight Pages albeit not to the extent outstanding. If anything, the excellence that is for those effects are integrated properly: a great combination between light and shadow to create atmosphere of gloom, screen blurred the panic, lose direction … The scene appeared relatively sharp and realistic, especially forests – the main venue of the games.

Another interesting point is that the game Slender: The Arrival will have the participation of the crew behind the Marble Hornets – very famous video series on YouTube Slender Man or rather the opposite, the famous character Slender Man thanks haunting footage of this. Therefore, the production team was very expecting that the game can bring horror experience enough to make any player would have to “sweat”. Unlike game Slender: The Eight Pages which is a free game, The Arrival will be released for commercial purposes through Steam in 2013, but currently there is no specific time.

Dead Rising 3- The new counterweight Five Nights at Freddy’s coming soon

Standing in the lineup of Xbox Launch Title One, game Dead Rising 3 is ramping up launches with gaming console from Microsoft in the next 22/11. And at this time, clear the Capcom had no reason to hide that game anymore, whereas the advertising they need to strengthen enthusiastically to ensure that plenty of buyers would decide the game Dead Rising 3 accompanies the Xbox One. This was the decisive moment of the game to succeed

First as usual is of Dead Rising 3 Launch Trailer which essentially extends from trailers that we’ve seen before, called “Snow Flakes”. Trailer segment will help players visualize a true and clearest on how to play this game.
Game Dead Rising 3 is not simply an action game tight guillotine normal slaughter but it is combined with the plot of the game and additional content interesting game not always done. However, the zombie killing each drive is still major work, often as the most interesting in this game. To do that, players can not only use their bare hands to the support needed from the items, weapons and vehicles provided by the game. five nights at freddy’s

72 hours after the disaster began zombie, character named Nick Ramos who was trying to flee the city of Los Perdidos mobile zombies overrun. Starting the game seems quite “serious”, but through what Capcom introduced earlier we knew the game Dead Rising 3 has brought color and fun feature gives players the true relaxing moments receptor. such as Mega Man costume allows Nick turned into robots super guy.

five nights at freddy's
Typically, in any circumstances, the first thing that players need to do is run straight into an apartment, the nearest shop to search for his support items. Many items are to litter the aisles, table, or in a corner to the game players can use as weapons. A cleaning brush, a power saw, hand drill, a knife or a Japanese sword, scythe, baseball bats … all lay there full of chaos. However, right after a period of experience, new gamers really knows where the new weapon is useful and how to control and use of these items there seemed trivial.
The combination of in person fitted together well to create more choices for weapons, like adding fuel to produce a flame sword, split a large chainsaw blade bloated into two smaller but comfortable.

Originally an engineer, the main character is much more still to do. While playing the game, as he stood beside the car perfectly and yet still destroyed, the player can carry out repairs to create a “beast machines” powerful new and dangerous to use. However, players must calculate full-time and distance to have enough time to complete the repairs before the zombies drew close behind. This is also a major highlight of this 3rd edition, with the car combo combines powerful and impressive. Combining weapons with the vehicle make significant changes in terms of firepower protagonist, sometimes make the fight easy kill, interesting and a lot more simple than a few minutes previous difficulties.

Allison Road- terrifying horror game equally Five Nights at Freddy’s

The development team at Konami Silent Hill game must have game developers thank Allison Road as part has been able to bring experience they envision a reality where Silent Hill games have been death.
As introduced not long ago, Allison Road game is a fan-made products inspired PT – Trial demo of the cult game called Silent Hill. However, this game will never be made public after fans Konami decided Hideo Kojima director sacked. Performed by only a single programmer named Crhis Kesler, game Allison Road have invested carefully surprising both in graphics, sound and gameplay style horror and cause more impressed gamers .

The player plays a nameless character wakes up in strange house without any memories about things that happened before entering into this horror game – context can not more agencies to horror game genre. You witnessed a brutal war of couples living in the same building, which culminated in the murder of the girl. From this point onwards, the clock is ticking, and you have until 3:15 to solve horrific murders of girls. Your mission is for 5 nights, to explore the mysteries exist in this place while continuously, besides facing strange creatures wandering around before the clock struck 3 am . This difficult task not everyone can pass, but try as much as possible. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy's
Like PT, Allison Road game not a horror game that combines action and puzzle bias toward greater survival. Participants can view, hold, many widgets scrutiny in the house, from the remote control TV, magazines, photographs, kitchen kits bloody … They all play a role as these pieces reveal the tragedy happened here. Those are bringing valuable clues may help you decipher the mystery behind existence.
Players also can clearly see the influence of PT to Allison Road through details like books with notes, “it was a bad father” (also at PT) or the PlayStation controller. To understand in more detail, you can keep track of Allison Road splitter gameplay.

Allison Road – the only by a single programmer named Chris Kesler made. INH this has brought many personal mark in this game.
The main work of painter Chris Kesler’s environmental design and he has worked in many big projects like the game Avatar, The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy. After playing PT, Kesler feel very impressed and started to perform game titles with the same style – a solitary figure wandering the mysterious abandoned house. That is the game Alllison Road.

Expertise in the design environment helps Kesler easily create a suburban house fully equipped but exudes something spooky at night. The player plays the character anonymous after waking up drunk by a terrified scream and begin to discover the mystery behind the family used to live here. Known story of Allison Road inspired by a real case in the city of New York in 1974.
Sound system designed somewhat macabre makes this game more scary part. Quick update on computer games to explore the interesting things that this game brings.


Depth: Blood and Gold hope to celebrities like Five Nights at Freddy’s

Sharks are a very popular animal in the horror film about the ocean and Game Depth: Blood and Gold will bring her fears to the video game through exploitation of this species. This is definitely a game dnags expectations.
Whether swim or not swim, then each had an opportunity to play in areas where rivers or lakes vast seas, surely had at Aaron chillingly you feel when thinking about sea monsters, right? Thanks to Hollywood filmmakers and dozens of works themed on their ocean monster that fear is unfounded sometimes cause us to imagine all sorts of horror beneath deep water abyss. Among them, the most popular to mention sharks – species that existed on Earth for millions of years without evolution except in size, perfect show as dangerous in their hunting ability.

In addition to movies, the sharks are often the preferred object of the game makers want to scare the players in the game screen related to water, such as Resident Evil or Far Cry game. However, the number of titles fully focused on this ocean teenagers can count on the fingers, not to mention the very poor quality and did not cause anyone to remember. That makes the gamers are somewhat disappointing. five nights at freddy’s demo

five nights at freddy's demo
Game Depth: Blood and Gold is a product that wants to try again to this topic. The game was developed by Digital Confectioners indie game. This game takes you to the confrontation between the two sides, one side is the diver with the goal of finding treasure in the deep sea and the other side is the huge shark with sharp teeth with demand satisfactory standard of his day 3 meals. Surely many would lurking danger when you join in on this. Please use the talents and wisdom to conquer the deep blue ocean.

While shark possesses movement speed quickly with the deadly bite toward the divers, the players also feature many special use guns underwater activities. We will help the players fight splendor to be able to survive. However, your enemies are aggressive, so you really have to pay attention and sensitivity to deal with them. Equip weapons can be upgraded with money earned from gold and treasure, even if sharks play, players can help us “evolve” to become stronger – That is what the development team promise of Game Depth: Blood and Gold.
The game’s interface is also a success of the development team. Players will feel like you are lost in the true blue ocean. The live picture really gives you almost feel more real. The sound of the game also built a reasonable and interesting. These factors will certainly surprise you and enjoy the game.
Depth: Blood and Gold are expected to release via Steam in November next. Game will mainly focus on online multiplayer PvP but also the AI ​​so that players can practice alone. Let’s look to see if the title Left 4 Dead shark version can succeed or not.

Forgotten Memories are gamers as more frightening dnah Five Nights at Freddy’s

Forgotten Memories is a puzzle RPG mixed elements very attractive horror was officially available on devices using iOS platform.
Reportedly, games Forgotten Memories is an adventure game mixed with horror elements to challenge players. This mobile game play puzzle owns challenging financial speculation observations and minds of players. Another advantage of this game is the graphics of the game are designed by advanced technology 3D Unity gives gamers the sharp images, true and scary to detail bring the thrill, drama not inferior to other games of the same genre. Players will be creepy to be involved in this game.

The player will play the girl Rose Hawkins – our main character is a refugee which looks very miserable when engaged in Forgotten Memories. Poor girl woke up in a dark place full of creepy mannequins and horror. The mission of gamers would be to follow the trail to find her sister Eden lost to the protagonist. From this, a series of difficult challenges will be emptied on your shoulder. No less daunting situations but be brave. The context of the game was inspired by horror games of the 90s such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark to evoke somewhat that “obsessive” in the past. This is definitely a game worth experiencing. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Wilfried Marcadet – producer and game director of Forgotten Memories idea said: “Our main objective is to create a mobile game can reach the quality of the game on a console. And in 3 years of development, we were very excited and proud to be able to bring the ultimate image set foot on mobile “.
Game Forgotten Memories is a convergence full all the hallmarks of an adventure thriller, from spooky element to the sound effects caused obsessive cause any gamer when experience should at least once startling and forth. Try to help her Rose Hawkins overcome these challenges and overcome their own fears to find his sister and escape there “hell on earth” this muck.

In addition, the elements of sound pictures used in the game and help the popular game ever. Players will be seen once the adrenaline pumping from the sound macabre come from this game. Certainly a very frightening but equally attractive. However, this game is not for the faint of vía ball to avoid someone screaming in the night.
Overall, the game is a mobile game Forgotten Memories horror experts appreciated the background graphics dark, cold, but equally exquisite to “cold man”. This should be a very worthy titles available on the mobile phone of the players ‘hard’ love adventure and especially love the spooky, creepy from the horror game. However, you also need to prepare psychologically before logging into the game.
Currently, the game has officially Forgotten Memories is on mobile devices running iOS for $ 4.99. Quick game installed to experience one of the most attractive games sanctifying this summer. Wish you have moments of real fun that this game offers.


Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo


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Link to play:
Description: Five nights at Freddy’s is a famous horror game where the player must act as a night security guard in a creepy restaurant. You must find the way to survive 5 nights at the restaurant to win

Is Til Morning’s Light has beat Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Game Til Morning’s Light is the adventure game perspective stunning 3rd leading players to the animation style filled with hauntingly. This is the game promises to cause storms in the summer.
Amazon Game Studios is a leading manufacturer specialized in creating innovative gaming products, unique and deeply about the horror genre on mobile can mention as Lost Within, To-Fu Fury or Tales From Deep Space. In recent times, this game continues the company unveiled its latest project called Til Morning’s Light and a lot of them new. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo
Game Til Morning’s Light continues to be a horror game combines elements puzzle adventure filled with the 3rd point hauntingly and charismatic players. Game storyline exciting and mysterious and beautiful cartoon graphics, game Til Morning’s Light takes players role play Erica Page lost little girl entered the haunted castle 200 years old. It is gentle, naive and vulnerable to bullying their peers she had been forced into the castle and from here, everything scary, horror constantly surrounded her appearance.

Besides the main task is to help the escape character Erica dark place, this gloomy, players will also discover many mysterious truths developers incorporate an ingenious way through each puzzle in the game . Through each level, the difficulty level was also increased from finding hidden objects, the objects necessary to adjust the clock to the right time to open the next exit … The puzzles are not true the too macabre and fear but it has close ties with each other and you will have to take the trouble to study what even the smallest detail can answer correctly.

Til Morning’s Light game always know how to continually create challenges between the two regimes as players explore the castle or continue to unlock new multiplayer. This mobile game has been introduced last year with the mechanism controlled by touch, the same 3D sensor system “Dynamic Perspective” telephone monopoly phone Amazon Fire, allowing players to tilt the phone to be able to peek inside the closed room.
In addition to the items or things to be searched, the puzzles to find a solution, then Til Morning’s Light also contain hidden dangers more terrifying when players face, combat survival with monsters weird is Lurking everywhere in the castle. do not be startled if they suddenly appear offline! Please help her quick reflexes Erica, using things like flashlights, sticks, knives … or even kill monsters sword muck is on the siege to more.

Sounds from falling objects language, opening hours … or even a whisper of ghosts are the developers refine and invest no less than graphics. These two factors combined together make for an excellent adventure for anyone to experience the game.
Graphics in the game is designed very beautiful and delicate feet from the external environment to create vivid character animation cute bold. But not to that Til Morning’s Light lacks the spectacle makes you shudder. Lighting effects and shadows in the game are pretty thorough care little has portrayed the atmosphere gloomy, cold from the room very dim creating macabre. Not to mention, every now and then there are monsters stormed out from the shadows waiting for the swallows themselves will make the faint of heart panic.
Til Morning’s Light is currently selling for $ 6.99 on the App Store app store.


New competitors of Five Nights at Freddy’s at E3

E3 is the time for game publishers to introduce the minions of his upcoming to the public worldwide. The upcoming game, the sequel to the blockbuster series, new gaming technology … A lot of things are expected in the upcoming event in June this. In it, the news of the horror title has always been of primary concern.
For those who love this genre, the Friday the 13th is a name familiar horror genre. Following the success of the series 12, the film revolves around the character Jason Voorhees, this year, gamers will be reunited with this frightening character in the new game Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp. Unlike previous products, this horror game experiences emphasize the Co-op and multiplayer. The game was based on the facts at the campsite around the lake Crystal Lake, a group of players will work against another player as the killer Jason. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo

Each in the event of the Sony PlayStation exhibition was held in December 2014, yet we still do not have any further information of What Remains of Edith Finch. Recently, Sony has launched a short trailer with gruesome images make viewers goosebumps right before E3 2015 began. Game storyline revolves around the death of the member of the family Finch. Gamers will play Edith (a family member) to seek answers to the mystery of the ghost house. Game relatively chilling and not for those faint of heart.

Unveiled for the first time in 1993, Doom’s horror FPS fantasy scene in outer space. For over 20 years, a total game has released more than 10 versions of both the main game and the spin-off. The time is right to release by Bethesda Softworks game holding and production responsibility belongs to id Software. The development process takes longer Doom so that by id Software have had to cancel the project halfway to grow again from the beginning due to the unqualified form. E3 this year is a golden opportunity to re-export Doom back with many surprises for gamers.
Until Dawn is one of the few horror game most notable of this year. The game was released exclusively on PS4 console. In Until Dawn game will take players to the snow mountain area, where a group of young people are traveling. Best female and also what makes the toughest players are the sequences gamers must choose between life and death.

Butterfly effect ever to the success of Life is Strange game will also be applied in this game. Besides, gamers are faced with a bloodthirsty killer. He himself was the one who caused everything, and is poised weapons taken those present network of travel. Even though only two short months is that the game will be released, E3 was a good opportunity for publishers that players remember their names again.
Many fans of the Resident Evil Resident Evil 0 was doubtful many people will follow his brother to come with HD resolution via a remake of seeing its icon in the photo that Capcom PS3 screenshots posted last year. And until the end of last May, Capcom has confirmed his suspicions by introducing HD Remaster Resident Evil 0. Resident Evil 0 once been remade for the Wii in 2008 but just released separately in Japan. Also in this version, the Capcom said it will be available on multiple platforms including consoles PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The launch is scheduled for early 2016 in Japan, and now Capcom has yet to comment on the international version of the game.


Five Nights at Freddy’s going to have a new rival worthy sword as Alien

Many scandals titles
Alien films can be said is one of the series with the biggest influence in world cinema, reaping huge profits from the work not only on screen but also from countless food products as books, toys, models … However the transition to a new field of video games, monster aliens proved to have little affinity with industry, not least this scale, especially The latest product called Aliens: Colonial Marines. Five Nights at Freddy’s
Despite the hype and the backing from 20th Century Fox, developed as a direct sequels to the events that happened in the movie, Aliens: Colonial Marines launched as a laughingstock for all professionals each gamer for lousy quality in all aspects of it. And yet, the scandal was discovered later when Gearbox Software “smuggling” money from this project for the development of Borderlands 2 and transferring it to the lesser-known studio performance has led the fans losing faith in Alien brand.

Go up from failure
However, the same 20th Century Fox SEGA has not yet decided to give up when recently, the brand name “Alien: Isolation” was registered under the category of software / games, suggest a next title under the theme alien monsters. At first only a rumor, but not long after that a page of Kotaku reporter revealed many details about the game, to see Alien: Isolation likely to actually exist.

Accordingly, the game is being developed under the hand of the famous studio Creative Assembly – best known through the series Total War. Alien: Isolation will be inspired by the first Alien movie in 1979, but the main character is not the heroine Ellen Ripley familiar but her daughter, named Amanda Ripley. Stay away style FPS, but according Kotaku Alien: Isolation is studying the idea from the game as dishonored, Bioshock to create a single combat experience like the transmission of cinematographic works.
Game Alien: Isolation is reportedly learning from the game as dishonored, BioShock to bring a single combat experience to players. Gamer will only face a single Alien, hence the more likely it will go in the direction of combining horror shooter Dead Space such like.

In 2011, the SEGA has also announced the Creative Assembly studio his son is doing an Alien game, but after spectacular failure of Aliens: Colonial Marines seems nobody remembers to this information.
After the information on a site Kotaku provide next game named Alien Alien: Isolation, recently 2 photos posted on NeoGAF have to reinforce this capability, include a cover sheet that looks like and the remaining plates are artwork. Both green coloring characteristic of the series with the inscription Alien Alien: Isolation on it.
Recent titles themed alien monsters of Hollywood’s famous Aliens: Colonial Marines by Gearbox Sofware development, but as we all know it was professionals buffeted mercilessly for photos, gameplay obsolete. This time put into the hands of such a prestigious studio Creative Assembly, hoping Alien: Isolation can restore confidence in the brand fan Alien.


Fatal Frame 2 opponents Five Nights at Freddy’s will be filmed

Recently, the site of Japan’s Seventeen magazine has published information about the two famous models and Morikawa Ayami Nakajou its Aoi was officially chosen as the main role for the horror film based on the famous series of horror game Fatal Frame.

According to Koei Tecmo, films separate storyline unlike any version of this horror series. Takes place in the context of a remote town in the mountains, where Aya – young girl is attending aloof girls’ school here. The strange events begin to happen when the students turn mysteriously disappears, then their bodies were found in a state drowning. According to several witnesses recalled, these victims before missing both said they heard the voice of Aya after looking at a picture of a little girl. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo The suspicion quickly focused on Aya, said that she was the perpetrator of the murder and one of her classmates – Michi begin the process of understanding to clarify the matter. The two main roles in the film Fatal Frame will be two actors and Morikawa Aoi Nakajou Ayami undertook. Some new images of the film also shows the beautiful appearance of two popular models.

Surely most fans of the horror genre games everyone knows about the famous series Fatal Frame game on PlayStation. Unlike the majority of the game takes players now often fall into the situation to desperately escape and virtually no way of destroying his fears, Fatal Frame from Koei Tecmo has chosen one Other approaches more special. This has helped the game impressed with the player.

According to the tradition of this game series, you’ll be playing the lovely heroine unfortunately lost in the village or the spooky haunted mansion in Japan. They did not flee like the Slender or Outlast, nor equipped with sophisticated weapons like Resident Evil or Deadspace to confront the monster that endearing heroine will have to confront your fears by taking back photos of ghosts mutated unclean by camera “Camera Obscura”. But this camera only captures a very limited number of pictures. The camera has the power to destroy the ghost image was captured. However, do not be so wasteful of images. Try to shoot accurately. And to increase the thrills of the game, the best way to kill them is just before they kill the main character. This is also the reason why the game is named Fatal Frame – translated as “critical picture”. But through what Koei Tecmo revealed about the film, we have not seen this specific element in the film. It seems that this film manufacturers are looking to secrecy about the film until the last minute.


The horror film fans will not have to wait too long because the movie promises to be released in autumn this year. Currently, information on the sidelines of the film led to the public very much looking forward to this special debut.

Five Nights at pass Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent won the throne “scariest” horror game

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a horror game developed by frictional Games has sold over 1 million copies since its launch. Even for Thomas Grip – one of the founders of frictional Games, he did not think his game would be so successful.

Darkness is an attractive topic for humans. Therefore, not only the big studios, but also the game makers are fully exploited on this topic and have a common point of creating fear to players. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is no exception, is born brings great responsibility that is giving fans the emotions which had faded day, one thing that the other series with the same kind of games Horror else can not do his duty well.
“When I woke up, like an electric current running through that dark head still aches sore throat is dry. Strange, I am certain that this demon?

Apparently there is something very ambiguous in this castle, but I do not understand why this is so.
Intuition tells me that something is chasing me, and it came very close to it … Damn! While her to flee the thing it was not clear what the body is apparently no longer take orders anymore, so cold, my mind empty hours.
No, I have to find some way out of here! “ Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo

The story begins with a multitude of questions revolves around the main character: Daniel. Wakes up in a mysterious castle, Daniel does not remember anything about his past since he was brought here, the only thing that he knew this time it was to find ways to escape here.
Amnesia esque true survival horror as the game does not give you any sort of weapons, that means Daniel completely passive before any existing hazards around. The only companion of Daniel during the journey just a flickering oil lamp with the meager number of matches, the player’s mission is to explore every corner of the castle and puzzles to find outlet for her.

Unlike typical scare entrance, Amnesia totally let the players themselves feel the danger around. The main light and shadow play a very important role in the game as directly affect the main characters. More specifically, if it stood in the dark could help Daniel get rid of the monsters sight it points his sanity decline, then Sanity will descend lower bar and may cause you dizziness caused us somewhat difficult to control. Conversely, if the lighting up or stand in places where light can help Daniel recovered then that, in turn is like “I bow to you in this dust,” and at that point you just have to run breathless if not prey to the demons of hunger.

In terms of image, to say frictional Games has done well even if its workforce is not much, and audio arrays also impressed the players. Surely you will be hair-raising when there is a little noise suddenly rang out suddenly, and just a little was enough nerves always extreme stress.
I must say that so long characterized the new horror game survival as Amnesia: The Dark Descent. And if you are a loyal follower of the genre, they still hesitate? Access and play soon.


Five Nights at Wario’s puts Nintendo mascots in terror maze

Five Nights at Wario’s is a fun parody of the horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo, replacing the scary animatronic puppets for the Nintendo mascots in equally macabre versions.
Five Nights at Freddy’s: see the terrifying story behind the game

As in the original game you get a job of night watchman in a strange labyrinthine pizzeria, Mario’s, in which during the dead of night the dolls come to life and become violent. Your goal is to survive for 5 nights, protecting themselves from creepy dolls Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario and Waluigi, using only one port as a defense and security cameras.
According to the developer, the production of this parody took around two months, using some random photos as a backdrop and removing models of Nintendo game characters Super Smash Bros. Wii Brawl. He says it is up to the player to decide whether find Five Nights at Freddy’s Wario’s funny or scary, but that the intention was to scare.


True story behind Five Nights At Freddy’s

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Link to play

Description: A barbaric massacre, which was likely the inspiration for Scott Cawthon building plot for the hit horror game of this.

22h, Tuesday, December 1993, at Chucke Cheese’s Pizza stores, Colorado, USA.

After a birthday celebration, Margaret management, employees Sylvia, Ben Grant, Colin Steven O’Conor and Bobby had to stay late to close the store without knowing the presence of Friday in the same building with them – 19-year-old Nathan kitchen. Nathan is the employee was fired from 5 months ago by disagreements over the time, and now he’s back, quietly hiding in rooms. Manage Margaret was counting money in the cash register, Bobby is in the kitchen, the other 3 are cleaning the lobby.

22h05, Nathan pulled out a pistol and started killing people for the purpose of revenge. Firstly, Sylvia, then Ben and Colin were killed. Nathan continues toward the kitchen where Bobby is working and shot into his jaw, Bobby lay motionless in the kitchen. And when Margaret open safe, she suffered two shots from the killer. Nathan then took all the money more than 1600 USD and smuggled out the back door. Thanks to video surveillance, police in front of him after a few hours, then Nathan was arrested and executed.

So why is this inhumane story relates to  five nights at freddy’s download? Let’s take a look at the strange overlap.

Similarity of time

Five Nights At the time that Freddy’s place is in the context of mystery, but I’m sure it must be after 1987 due to the fact that “The bite of ’87”. Brand Chuke Cheese’s most prosperous development in the late 80 early 90 So there is a similarity in time.

Similarity of wages:

If 6 hours per night for 5 nights, such as 30 hours. The money we received after the 5th night is 120 USD, we calculate the hours of 4 hours.

The minimum wage in the US in 1991 was 4.25 USD, to 1996, it was increased to 5 USD. So if you add the amount of tax actually be located in the minimum wage between 1991 and 1996. So it seems titles are set in from 1991 to 1996, coinciding with the story of Nathan belongs to 1993.


Perpetrator kidnapped five children in games caught by a security camera in the same way that Nathan was arrested in the case in 93. Moreover, although not mentioned, but we can clearly see that the perpetrator of 5 child abduction is probably old employee at the restaurant, where he easily example 5 children disappear in Fazbear by Freddy knew too well the store. Nathan also, also a veteran employees work at Chucke kneading bread Cheese’s.

The victims

In the game based on the posters we know have 5 kids missing, the assassination has five victims. True story behind Five Nights At Freddy’s – image 7Vay 5 beast machine data representing five victims of murder?

‘Cute teddy bear’ will return in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

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Link to play:

Description: The next section of line Horror Game Five Nights at Freddy’s has officially been confirmed with fans.

The new mobile game launches on Android (Part 1) The Conjuring the Five Nights At Freddy’s 2Half Life 3 version continues to launch ‘joke’ next

If you are a fan of the horror genre is probably no one is unaware of the name Five Nights at Freddy’s. With version 2 was released on 18/08 and 10/11 last year, the game was to see his success even a indie game with a very low investment cost.

Recently, developer Scott Cawthon said that he still did not want to sleep on the victory with two early versions that have embarked on the 3rd section immediately Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 am in the implementation phase and about to be launched. However, he remained true nature seems to surprise his game when not reveal much about the first version 3. And the fans are wondering, ‘When was the success with the first two versions, Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 will continue in the same direction or to choose a new fork? “

Mr. Scott also shared that the volume of work to do in Five Nights at Freddy’s demo 3 will be equivalent to the first two, so likely the game will be released in February or March next, ie approximately 3 months schedule 2 of the previous section. Really announced by developer Scott has made a lot of fans of the game and in particular fan of horror genre in general must feel very excited.

Games Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sounds to the success

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Link to play:

Description: To be honest I do not appreciate paragraph sounds good but we still do their role is to cover bad game or a layer covering the half-hearted horror. First thing, the sound, they really jarring. If players are having problems listening, I do not recommend to speakers or headphones at loud volumes. The buzzer sound from the camera has successfully completed the task is causing headaches for the players mind, however, this has made the game a little more scared. Of course, between a deserted area, heard the buzzer anyone have bumps and strong.

But most puzzling to me is the only companion of his – a voice coming from the phone. That’s warnings and instructions of the came before him, but why do you have to know where strange things happen, they do not always recommend that people do quit?

Returning to the issue of music in the game Five Nights at Freddys demo. Although a bit jarring, but quite good and consistent with spatial context of the game and it still brings a focus to something that makes me sweat even though the temperature is at 15 degrees C. It is true that the success of a product of horror lies in the sound.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3: the end of a ‘nightmare

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Link to play:

Description: PC-Console Newsletter 03/03: Freddy Bear, Half Life 3 is the main character. Five Nights at Freddy’s third surprise appearance at Freddy’s on SteamFive Nights 2 and 3 and Lucius ejaculating first reveal trailer

Yesterday, when unexpectedly struck Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 on Steam has made many surprise. Not stopping there, the developer Scott Cawthon has posted another photo again to continue disturbing for gamers love this game in particular and the community in general video game.

Contents picture nothing but the center is placed a cap of Freddy – items familiar to players of the previous two. Many gamers have said that when he saw the image hat was put on this earth to think about the rest, a sign of the end. Affordable, after 3 parts, Scott Cawthon want to put “the adorable teddy bear” retired? There has been a lot of speculation by fans launched.

Anyway all is still questionable. Five Nights at Freddy’s Demo really the end or not, we still need to wait for a final confirmation from Cawthon. Or, most likely, was tired, Scott Cawthon temporary resting time before embarking on the next part is reasonable?

Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Link to play
Description: Five Nights at Freddy’s is a 2014 indie point-and-click survival horror video game developed by Scott Cawthon. The game centers on the fictional pizza restaurant Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, where the player must act as a night security guard, defending themself from the malfunctioning animatronic animal characters by tracking their movement through the facility using security cameras.
Five Nights at Freddy’s was first released via Desura on August 8, 2014. On August 20, 2014, after it was approved by the service’s crowdsourcing platform Greenlight, Five Nights at Freddy’s was also released via Steam. Ports have been released for Android and iOS.

How to play the game Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Link to play
Description: The player must survive their shift, lasting from midnight to 6:00 a.m. (approximately 8 minutes and 36 seconds of real time, 4 minutes and 30 seconds on the mobile and tablet editions), without being attacked by one of the animatronic animal robots roaming the facility.
The player, who sits in an office and is unable to move, is given access to a network of security cameras throughout the facility to track the movement of the animatronic robots.
Four of the five characters have distinct movement patterns while the fifth, “Golden Freddy”, only appears when certain actions are taken; however, most of the characters’ movements take place off-screen.